Madison Schaffer

The Specialists Cohort (New Mexico)

Madison Schaeffer (New Mexico)

“I’m the lead epidemiologist for the COVID-19 hotline at the N.M. Department of Health. Our state has a 24/7 hotline that members of the public, medical professionals, and first responders can call with questions or concerns.

The team I coordinate consists of nurses, epidemiologists, and health educators, and my job is guiding and supporting them to ensure that we give the best possible help.

We handle thousands of questions each week, ranging from positive cases who need guidance to business owners wanting to come up with travel policies for their employees.”

A few words from those who nominated Madison:

“Madison has worked tirelessly since the beginning as an Epidemiologist, for the New Mexico o Department if Health. She mans the help line and pairs people with services to help them, does contact tracing for the stay and works with the first responders. She regularly posts updates on her Facebook page to keep everyone informed and allows us to share those with the public”

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