Dr. Thomas Chi

The Specialists Cohort (Connecticut)

Dr. Thomas Chi (Connecticut)

I’m an emergency physician in central CT, treating Covid patients on the front lines, and posting on Facebook between shifts. My particular focus is on breaking down the state and county-level data in Connecticut, comparing it with concurrent waves in Italy and NYC, to give my friends and neighbors an idea of how we’re doing overall. I’m also sharing the latest recommendations and expert opinions about PPE, safe behaviors, and safe schools, and combating disinformation.

A few words from those who nominated Dr. Chi:

“Dr Chi posts several times a week about the COVID pandemic in Connecticut specifically, and mines/references several high quality data sources to provide CT residents with up to date information about case numbers, vaccinations, and trends. He shares his information with local town pages despite commenters there targeting him with misinformation, and always remains calm, kind and data driven.”

“Since the beginning of this pandemic Tom has posted informative and useful information to allow people to make informed decisions.He has given updates weekly and link’s to other useful information. I have looked forward to his posts and learned everything I needed to know.”

“Tom has continuously kept the entire Middlesex community and beyond up to date on information from the beginning. His personal research has provided detailed tracking and updates from our area and around the world on an almost daily basis. The time and effort he has put in to keep all of us informed has been phenomenal and so greatly appreciated. We are all so thankful for all he has done.”

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