Lauren Gardner

The Specialists Cohort (Maryland)

Dr. Lauren Gardner (Maryland)

Lauren Gardner joined the team behind the internationally-heralded Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard, along with creator Ensheng Dong, who was her Ph.D. student at the time.

Dr. Lauren Gardner and her team at the CSSE built the COVID-19 global tracking map in January 2020, creating the most comprehensive publicly available data set on the pandemic.

Dr. Gardner’s data drives much of the CRC’s analysis and serves as a vital resource for millions of users to track the pandemic.

Since the pandemic began, Johns Hopkins experts have collecting and analyzing domestic and international data about COVID-19. The effort began on Jan. 22, 2020 with one of the first global maps to track Covid-19 cases and deaths. It evolved on March 3, 2020 into the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. The CRC’s more than 260 sources include 182 from local, state, and federal agencies in the United States.

A few words from those who nominated Dr. Gardner:

“It is the best dashboard with the most detailed data and visualization. “

Click here to visit the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard