Gabriel Bosslet

The Specialists Cohort (Indiana)

Gabriel Bosslet (Indiana)

I am a pulmonary and critical care physician at Indiana University. I started a Facebook page outlining the data for the state of Indiana as the pandemic was beginning by pulling data from daily press releases and have been sharing daily updates (now 3 times per week) with interpreting commentary.

It has grown considerably and has become a community of support and helpfulness that has been a beacon of light for me as well as many of the readers.

I try to use the data to outline where we are; and use stories, humility, and a bit of humor to illustrate the importance of participating in public health interventions that have proven difficult for many.

I have been careful to avoid politicizing the science, and I think this has helped people to sort through what is going on here in Indiana.

A few words from those who nominated Dr. Bosslet:

“Dr. Bosslet has worked with statistician Micah Pollock to keep the state of Indiana well informed. Outside of his busy work schedule and family life, he has managed this page since the beginning of the pandemic. He utilizes numbers and provides meaningful analyses without the typical media hype, which has helped community members stay calm during these challenging times. His consistent analyses regarding COVID, mutations, and vaccines has been invaluable.”

“Dr. Bosslet began posting COVID data in March 2020 every day. Although he is a physician, he used easy to understand language when providing the positivity COVID data and the data’s impact on our community. Further, the shared hospitalizations and swaths in the county and state. Finally, his data knowledge helped support a local school district to establish school opening metrics before any county or state guidance had been given. As the pandemic progresses he continues to share the data and how use it to help make decisions for activities like going out to eat or traveling. He has since added Facebook live sessions that have over 1000 people watching each time. For many of us, he was the calm during the storm. His ability to talk data in a way that everyone understands made a huge impact on our community locally and state-wide.”

“Dr. Bosslet’s daily updates have been educational and encouraging, truly a light during dark times.”

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