Ignacio Handal

The Professionals Cohort (Alabama)

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Ignacio Handal (Alabama)

“I realized in early February of last year before there was a single US case of COVID that this would turn into a global pandemic. As a microbiologist having studied viruses in college and having done viral vector clinical research I knew that I had to get the word out,” Ignacio said.

“I used Facebook to share peer-reviewed articles and hard factual data with my community. I noticed over time that the disinformation was as strong and ubiquitous as the real information which only fortified my intrigue and cause of getting the facts out about this disease. I hope I have helped save lives and I know my wife and I have distributed thousands of masks over this last year in the spirit of community and the common good. I am a data scientist at heart and I always follow the science.”

A few words from those who nominated Ignacio:

Ignacio aka Iggy has posted religiously accurate peer reviewed information about corona virus since last February. he was one of the first to do so before anybody even really knew about Corona virus. Ignacio is a microbiologist by training and according to GlobalData.com has done more clinical research than 99.23% of all clinical researchers globally. Ignacio had diligently posted great articles to keep his community informed. many scrutinized his postings early on in January and February of last year but then it soon became clear that Corona was a real thing. He had been unrelenting helping inform his community.

Click here to see Ignacio’s Facebook page.

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