Dr. Katelyn Jetelina

The Specialists Cohort (Texas)

Dr. Katelyn Jetelina has a Masters in Public Health and PhD in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics, and Environmental Sciences at the UTHealth School of Public Health where her research lab resides and where she teaches PhD, MD, and Masters students. She also has a secondary appointment at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  

Dr. Katelyn Jetelina (Texas)

If she’s learned one thing throughout this pandemic, it’s the lack of scientific “translation” to the community. Without the translation, many are left to biased reports, inaccurate descriptions of the current state of affairs, and confusion and anxiety. So, she developed a Facebook page and Instagram page to “close the communication loop” by providing a direct line from science to the community.

Her posts are 100% data-driven and backed by the most recent scientific evidence. Some of these are her own analyses, some of these are based on other brilliant scientists peer reviewed studies, and some are science-driven resources.

She has 200,000 followers on social media and 20,000 people that have subscribed to her newsletter. Her posts reach, on average, 3 million people a day. This is her service to the community, she said.

A few words from those who nominated Dr. Katelyn Jetelina:

“Dr Jetelina has provided invaluable information regarding the virus, the spread and the vaccine. I look to her for accurate and insightful information regularly. Having a good source for accurate interpretation of the data has no doubt helped me understand this virus but also helped save lives. She currently has 160,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. She has a great passion for this and recently had to fight to regain control of her Facebook page after someone hacked it. Her evidenced based information is used by individuals and organizations alike to help make decisions. Please consider her as a nominee for this great award.”

“Dr. Jetelina has continued to interpret/translate the data into very understandable information. Given that I started following her Facebook page because other moms that I knew were doing the same, means that the information that she provides is scientific, has integrity and is understandable and helpful for someone like me who does not have a science background.”

“Willingness to disseminate data on Covid-19 in a way that is understandable to the public when CDC and State and Federal Government did not provide frequent local data. She had a baby during the pandemic and continued to keep followers informed as soon as possible. Her Facebook page was hacked and she created a newsletter to keep sharing information that can help the public understand how the virus has mutated and best way to stay safe. So thankful for her, her call to action and keeping the facts at the forefront when information was lacking and distorted for political reasons. “

Click here to see Dr. Katelyn’s website

Click here to follow her on Twitter

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